Jill Groeber is an creative director and
minimalist painter based out of new york city


I have worked on fashion, beauty and lifestyle accounts globally with a keen understanding on how to launch a brand in most countries. From small projects in
Bali to large scale global clients entering the Asian market — I bring an awareness
of the local customs and culture to make a brand flourish.

I am blessed to do the work I love and to do it with inspiring people. I believe in solving problems and collaboration. I love to build teams from the ground up. I believe the most magical moments are on set and I love to create an atmosphere that makes everyone feel a part of a team. I celebrate wins and couldn't have gone this far without the many photographers, producers, stylists, set designers, fabricators, digital techs and other talent that have helped me create amazing work that I am proud of.

When I am not working, I am studying the art of yoga or taking long, long walks
with my dog Jacques Costeau. I loves dogs — especially rescues. I am an avid soulcycler and have some of my best clients and greatest inspiration from being on the bike.
I love books, the poetry of Rumi and have read all of Paulo Coelho. I am fascinated by Sufism and whirling dervishes. I love fashion, art and architecture. I love to travel for both work and for life — although I do not love to fly. Not one bit.

When I was 5, I decided it was best to organize my crayons by color and I haven't stopped organizing since. My father is an engineer and a musician. As a result, I love all things black and white like sheet music and electrical circuit diagrams. My mother is an artist in her own right and loves to read. This all lead me to my first part of my career book designing and working on a grid system based on the Golden Section and the Fibonacci Series.

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